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PERCH Puts Home for the Holidays in Perspective

At STORY we’re all about merging the physical and digital worlds, so teaming up with PERCH Interactive felt like a natural fit.  PERCH unites physical products with digital content to amplify the shopping experience. Their fixtures have made their way into a lot of stories, taking the form of everything fro a reproduction of Elliot’s desk during Disrupt STORY, to a bookshelf that describes good reads (so you don’t have to judge a book by its cover). But at Love STORY, PERCH returns as a shelf that’s built to commemorate the many times we came Home for the Holidays….here’s a peek at a few gifts we’ve curated for Him, Her, the Kids, and Everyone.


This dynamic, adaptive, magnetic LED lamp conceals itself in the form of a real-wood hardcover book,  combining craftsmanship and technology to elevate modern living.

Nomad Leather Battery Wallet

Made from elegant Horween leather exterior, this wallet is equipped with a 2400mAh li-ion battery and integrated Apple Lightning cable so that you can keep our lifestyle (not just our smartphone) at 100%.


These candles with soy, palm, veggie, bees, and food-grade paraffin wax blends are optimized to create a clean and long-lasting burn – flavored with essential-oil-based fragrances that enhance (but don’t overpower) any space.

Ilux Fleece Leggings

Pull on these smooth sweater leggings lined with soft-brushed fleece, to learn how Ilux uses subtle touches to keep you comfortable (and on-trend).

Hella Cocktail Co.

Once you taste these small-batch bitters handcrafted in Brooklyn, you’ll want to learn more about how Hella Cocktail Co. creates flourishes of spirit that raise to bar for every culinary or imbibing experience.


A compact and easy-to-use 3D-Printing pen that’s capable of extruding heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a stable structure? That’s making 3D-printing more accessible for makers, hobbyists, and professionals everywhere!


These sensational iPhone cases that incorporate adjustable LED rims for framing selfies in their best light make every mobile pic more flattering, fabulous, and sharable!

Seedling Glow Nightlight

Bright Idea: empower kids to get creative by crafting their own personal nightlight. With everything they make, Seedling encourages decision-making, experimentation, and independence through play!