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Hit Print, Learn To Create Custom Prints With Lumi

Here’s the thing about doing something new: it can require a bit of explaining. Take Lumi, a revolutionary new method for dying and screen printing fabrics using the sun. How? The #InsideSTORY is that it uses an ultraviolet-activated dye called Inkodye that can be exposed in sunlight or under high-intensity UV lamps. As company co-founder Jesse Ganet explains, the 4-part process is designed to take photography out of the darkroom and make it possible for anyone t

To help connect Lumi’s technology with its mission to inspire creation offline, Perch Interactive created a custom interactive display featuring its three distinct methods: photo printing, shadow printing and sun fold. The surface display, powered by Intel technologies, explains each of the processes by inviting users to pick up a product and discover how it works and what they could make.

Want to learn more? Join Lumi founder Jesse Genet Wednesday, September 17 for a DIY workshop and learn to Inkodye in person. Because this #StyleTech story is about taking what’s online and bringing it to life offline.