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Peck-able Valentine’s Picks

Put the X in XOXO with these fun-and-flirty finds perfect for kissing up to your Valentine! They’re the finishing touches to making this Valentine’s Day memorable (and making out <3).

SONIX Bisous Portable Charger 

Amusing, expressive, and with shock-absorbing rubber sides, this cheeky charger puts your best pouty lip forward while providing up to 16 extra hours of battery life.

Sugarfina Sugar Lips

These gourmet gummy candies gently dusted in sweet-and-sour sugar come in three flavors you won’t be able to resist putting past your lips: watermelon, strawberry, and bubblegum.

FLIRT Chickstick

Fierce and irresistible, each of these Donald Robertson-inspired, intensely-colored lipsticks goes on smooth and luxurious with a velvety demi-matte finish.

iDecoz Lips Enamel Sticker Pins

Looking like on-trend enamel pins, this decorative smooch comes with a twist: instead of a standard pin back, it features an adhesive sticker backing that lets you pin anything – even your phone or laptop. Easy to remove and reuse with no holes or residue, these sticker pins make it easy to spread the love!