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#RememberWhenSTORY Partners’ Favorite ’90s Tunes

If you’ve already joined us at #RememberWhenSTORY for some laughs, throwbacks, and run arounds, you totally know our partners have a unique pulse on all things ’90s. So we asked them to let us in on *the* jam that makes them wanna jump jump, slam the body down and wind it all around, or straight up get get jiggy with it. A few highlights are below, and the complete list of partners’ favorite ’90s jams can be found on our Spotify playlist!

Megan Shay, Founder of Cardinal and Fitz
Maker of: Rad embroidery hoops that throw it back to Full House, *NSYNC, and more ’90s glory
Favorite Jam: TLC’s Waterfalls

Andrea Bocchio, Founder of Andrea Bocchio Jewelry
Maker of: DIY friendship bracelet kits that unite BFFs 4 life
Favorite Jam: Backstreet Boys’ Everybody

Beth Macri, Founder of Beth Macri Designs
Maker of: Hidden message necklaces
Favorite Jam: Loser by Beck (and Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G. is a close second)

Marisa Ravel, Founder of Laser Kitten
Maker of
: ’90s-inspired pins that bring back the best of Zach Morris, Clarissa Explains it All, and mixtapes
Favorite Jam: Daft Punk’s Around the World

Shannon McCarthy, Founder of Comfortably Lovely
Maker of: Recycled Sweet Valley High and other nostalgic reads turned into notebooks
Favorite Jam: New Radicals’ You Get What You Give

Kelsey Ryder, Founder of Hello Happy Plants
Maker of: Planters inspired by our favorite ’90s items (i.e. Surge cans and Tamagochis).
Favorite Jam: Len’s Steal My Sunshine

Kayci Wheatley, Founder of Kayci Wheatley
Maker of:
Self-proclaimedgroovy things” like Seinfeld– and Friends-inspired bags 
Favorite Jam: 
Radiohead’s Creep

Feeling nostalgic for your favorite ’90s tunes? At #RememberWhenSTORY, we’ve got our radio dial set permanently to the ’90s thanks to PARTY NEW YORK‘s Time Travel Radio, pictured above. You can also check out our complete partner list of ’90s tunes here.