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[OWN] You Can Shop Rare Gems from Iris Apfel’s Muse-worthy Collection

One of a kind, truly.

By opting to stand out, Iris Apfel created her own place within fashion’s inner circle. A certifiable icon in every sense, the 94-year old’s eclectic, richly accessorized style and super-sized glasses tell of a fearlessness that defies age or industry. 

“Dress yourself up, make yourself happy, and then you make other people happy.”

Needless to say, Apfel knows a little something about following your art. This Fashion Week STORY scored the most covetable invite in NYC: an invite to Iris’ house to check out her crazy collection of jewelry and curate our favorite pieces. Starting September 10th, you can shop Iris’ storied sparklers – from statement making pendants to blinged out bangles. Each rarified piece tells a story and yeah, it’s one of a kind.

Join Iris Friday September 11th when she talks personal style with STORY founder Rachel Shechtman.