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[OWN] Wooden Jewelry for Solid Accessorizing

Analog Watch Co.: 

Fueled by a passion for nature, Analog Watch Co. handcrafts its watch collection from wood. With a flexible strap and minimalist look, its pieces intersect classic design and unexpected materials. 

Gunner and Lux:

Heirloom inspiration is re-imagined in wooden this collection of costume jewels. While bold, the mix of light wooden beads, bright cords, and metals makes for a modern statement. 

Timberline Jewelry:

In an effort to re-purpose discarded materials, the furniture designers behind Brave Space Design decided to think on a smaller scale and began turning their offcuts into geometric jewelry. Like their furnishings, it’s a creative use of limited space. (pictured above) 

Voz Collective: 

Vibrant and graphic, these hand-painted wooden bangles add a bit of natural geometry to your bracelet stack. Pieces are crafted by sisters Jackie and Lauren who design and paint each one to be different from the next.