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[OWN] Wooden Artistry Meets Tech in Oree’s Keyboards

“This is not made out of unnatural materials like plastic or metal — it’s a living thing, It’s not static, it moves, it grows.”

Materials have the power to transform objects from purely functional to something more inspiring. Case in point, Oree, which takes an an artisan approach to quintessential pieces of technology like keyboards, charging devices, cases, and plugs. Oree was founded in France by technologist Julien Salanave who sought to restore a sense of connection between the user and the device.

Salanave works with traditional craftsmen known “Compagnons” in southern France to create technology tools that blend the best of the past and present. Pieces, like its wireless, Bluetooth-enabled wooden keyboard, are handmade from a single piece of wood so no two are the same. And its Pebble, which offers wireless charging functionality, is crafted of woods sourced from family-owned forests located in the Eastern part of France.

“Our creations are a labor of love,” Julien says. In other words, a refreshing upgrade from current thinking around the replaceable, and uniform nature of our devices.