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[OWN] This L.A. Confectioner Makes Donald’s Art Look a Whole Lot Sweeter

It’s here: Donald X Sugarfina

As sweethearts go, Sugarfina, the L.A. based confectioner, is definitely worth candy crushing on. Founded by Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick, the luxury candy shop for grown ups is known for its curated collection of the finest, highest-quality candies from around the world. Yes, that means Rosie and Josh spend their days sampling all things sweet – from champagne flavored gummy bears to caramels rolled in rainbow sprinkles. A few months ago, we asked Rosie and Josh to help us create something sweet: a box of candy inspired by Donald. The result is a sugar-coated mix of kissable lips and champagne bubbles. Art, it’s pretty sweet.