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[OWN] Exciting Collaborations – Exclusive to STORY!

Collab-a-palooza is the word we’re using to describe all the limited-edition, Instagram-approved madness happening at STORY this month. These collaborations with brands we love (and love working with) represent a little taste of what makes this concept the art bomb. Each of our collaborators has put its own spin Donald Robertson’s artwork – from kid-sized tees to louder-is-better headphones to made in America custom flip flops (shown above by Tidal New York at STORY).  Now go #FollowYourArt!

Urban Ears: Three original prints from Donald turn up on UrbanEars’ signature Plattan headphones, creating a noteworthy mix of fashion and function.

Chasing Paper: Stick with what you love. It’s the motto behind Chasing Paper, the well-designed removable wallpaper brand that’s inspiring the commitment averse to get creative. Papers are printed digitally on a peel and stick fabric which gives a texture to the wallpaper.

Mi Cielo: Let’s be honest, kid’s clothes can be a little boring. Frustrated by a lack of options, the mom and founder behind Mi Cielo began adding felted flair to her little one’s basics. For Donald STORY, Mi Cielo created a pair of two-cute-for-words tees, featuring a felted Mitford and some super soft lips.

Sugarfina: L.A.’s coolest candy shop is on a sweet mission to find the best candies in the world and share them with anyone who thinks the best things have sugar on top. Inspired by Donald’s illustrations, Sugarfina handpicked confections that tell a super sweet story – from sugar dusted lips to giraffe-friendly gumdrops.

In the Seam: Brooklyn designer Ronda Smith is all about things that speak softly and has created a collection of super-personal pillows from original photographs and art. For STORY, Ronda turned Donald’s original artwork into handmade pillows that are as soft, sketchy, and oh-so exclusive.