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[OWN] Shift for Good: Say Goodbye to Bad Vibes with Tory Johnson’s New Book

In 2011 Good Morning America contributor Tory Johnson started out on a journey to loose weight – for good. The journey inspired her first book The Shift, which explored the radical changes in thinking that catalyzed her 62 pound weight loss. For many women it was the answer they were looking for. Now, Tory has built on the Shift’s positive-thinking thesis in Shift for Good, a fresh look at the simple and persistent changes that you can make every day to find lasting happiness. As for what that means? Here Tory shares three simple shifts you can make to make today better than yesterday.

1. Banish “if only.” Too often we delay our happiness by saying, if only I lost weight, if only I had a better spouse, made more money, lived in a different city — fill in the blank. “If only” is a crutch that prevents us from doing what it takes to go after that we really want.

2. Start each day with positive intentions. What we tell ourselves — what we choose to believe about our abilities — is powerful. Do you choose to dwell in negativity or are you option for strength and grace? Need an extra boost to rock your confidence? Wear red underwear — it’s your hidden superpower for extra strength.

3. Make smart choices daily. Change happens over time because we take consistent action daily. Ask yourself: preference or priority? The immediate preference is to buy that shirt, but your long-term priority is to save. Priority wins each time when you pause to actually think about it. Want to find a new job? It won’t appear on its own, so you must take a step each day in your search.