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[OWN] Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Know a mom who’s one of a kind (and kind of special)? We’ve curated a collection of gifts for every (but not just any) mom, inspired by some of the things we love most about her. She’ll always know best, but we like to think, we know what she’ll love.

12.29 Candles 

For mom who’s precious; scented candles encased in LIMOGES bisque porcelain, created by the sisters behind olfactory branding agency, Dawn and Samantha Goldworm. 

Theodora and Callum

For mom who inspired you go to places; a printed scarf inspired by travels to far away places.


Hebert Candies

For the mom who’s seriously sweet: classically crafted chocolates from Hebert Candies, a century old New England chocolatier that’s now run by STORY founder Rachel Shechtman’s mom Sheila. 

Hidden Message Necklace by Beth Macri 

For the mom who always kept your secrets; a necklace that conceals a hidden message, personalized by you. 

The Giving Keys

For the mom who’s always given her everything: a necklace that gives back and supports efforts to end homelessness through employment. 

Sandals Meyelo

 For the mom who’s inspired you to follow in her footsteps: a pair of handcrafted sandals created by women artisans in Africa. 

Maiyet Signature Skinny Bangle

For the mom who wears her conscience on her sleeve: Maiyet’s signature skinny bangle puts a modern spin on an ancient artisan technique and is crafted by metal casters in Africa. 

Elephant Pendant by TRUE by Tuleste for Dressbarn

For the mom who’s always been your good luck charm: a s simple necklace with a wild side that’s perfect for dressing up a basic neckline, designed exclusively by sisters Satu and Celeste Greenberg of Tuleste for dressbarn. 


Foodie Dice by Two Tumbleweeds

For the mom who’s always game to try new things: a set of dice that provide inspiration for creating simple, seasonal meals from scratch.