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[OWN] Martha Stewart’s American Made Must-Haves

Fact: Lifestyle icon Martha Stewart was a maker long before the term came en vogue. And she thinks the US needs more makers like her who spur creativity (and the economy) by doing it themselves. As Martha tells us #INHEROWNWORDS that “By featuring Made in American brands, we are supporting innovative creativity and the future of US manufacturing.”  Her advice for doing it yourself, “Along with a strong vision and passion, entrepreneurs should have a strong work ethic and knowledge of what people want.” Here a handful of entrepreneurs that are inspiring her…

Owl’s Brew Tea 

Wise up how you mix it up; Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield’s story is about crafting artful cocktail concoctions with a splash of creativity – and in this case tea.

Brooklyn Slate

Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way; Kristy Hadeka and Sean Tice’s story is about keeping it close to home, each of these unique slate boards are handpicked from a family quarry in New York.

Foodie Dice

Inspiring foodies to dinner roll with it. As the co-founders of Two Tumbleweeds, Liz and Sarah Downey’s story is about two sisters who took a chance on “Foodie Dice,” a playful spin on kitchen prep, designed to inspire DIY food and drinking games.