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[OWN] Light It Up: Four Brilliant Takes On Lighting Design


On a mission to develop products that address the global energy crisis, MPOWERD’s Luci light offers a simple solar-powered solution for people living off the grid. Easy-to-use and maintenance free, the inflatable LED lantern can hold an 8-12 hour charge and illuminate an area of about 10 square feet. 

Juniper Design

Based in Brooklyn, Juniper Design creates thoughtful and efficient lights in collaboration with designers and engineers. Its award winning M Lamp is the debut piece in a collection from British designer David Irwin and re-imagines the archetypal miner’s lamps of 19th century as a modern, LED lantern. 


A design game-changer; the Lumio is the first product from architect and designer Max Gunawan. With small spaces in mind, its design takes the form of a wood covered book which unfolds to reveal an LED  lamp that emits 500 lumen and is chargeable via a micro USB.

Sphelar Power

Designed by Graf a multidisciplinary creative collective founded in Osaka, Japan and Crafted for Lexus, this elegant, eco-friendly solar powered flashlight harnesses the power of the sun from all directions, maximizing the amount of light absorbed.