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[OWN] Hannah Bronfman Curates Five Wellness Essentials

Hannah Bronfman’s story begins with a personal decision to pursue a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Countless workouts and green smoothies later, she launched HBFit, a destination where she shares advice for living well, from natural beauty tips to healthful recipes. For Her Story, Hannah shared a few of the items that she’s discovered in pursuit of a healthy, super balanced lifestyle.

Heroine Sport

Dressing the part of a heroine. Heroine Sport founder, Nima Taherzadeh’s story is about creating performance-driven apparel for a woman who’s constantly and unapologetically pushing the boundaries.

Moon Juice

Cosmic provisions to nourish mind, body, spirit. Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon’s story is about one woman’s journey to create a community grounded in the beauty of raw ingredients and high-powered natural remedies.


Live in the moment before the moment Jessica and David Mandelbaum’s story is about feeling tired of the daily grind – this couple inspired to start a movement around Matcha, a nutrient rich concentrated green tea.

S’Well Bottle

Life’s an adventure, drink up. Sarah Kauss’ story is about keeping calm and carrying a BPA-free water bottle on because plain-old plastic won’t stay chill for 24-hours or (hot for 12)

Normal Ears 

March to the beat of your own earphones. Nikki Kaufman’s story is personal because she’s behind the first brand of earphones to use 3D printing to create custom headphones in as little as 48-hours.