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Wearing your support for our nation’s veterans on your sleeve. 

Before we gather round and say thanks for the fall harvest (and stuffing), we take pause for our nation’s veterans. For those who prefer to wear their gratitude on their sleeves, we’ve pulled together a few brands that pay it forward and support vets through employment and raise awareness

Sword and Plough

Sisters and co-founders Betsey and Emily Nunez created Sword and Plough as a way to create something that would emotionally touch civilians in their everyday lives, while empowering veterans through employment. Pieces are crafted of re-purposed surplus fabrics and create job opportunities through its own company and through partnerships with veteran owned businesses. 

Stella Valle

Ashley Jung and Paige Dellavalle turned a background as West Coast military cadets into a collection inspired by strong, empowered women. Pieces like the “Liberty Necklace” and “Brave Earrings” reference military medallions, re-imagined as strong statement pieces while their “Women Warriors” collection works with non-profit Fatigues to Fabulous to provide jewelry to homeless or at risk veteran women.