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[OWN] 8 Great Gift Ideas for Your Small-Business Family

Fact is: You probably spend just as much time with the people you work with as your close friends and family. Unfortunately time spent doesn’t always take the guesswork out of gift giving. When in doubt, personalize. It’s that little extra touch of thought that will make your gift memorable, whether for a coworker, client, or boss. Ahead, thoughtful presents from our Home for the Holidays that are a big on the uniqueness and more importantly made by small businesses.

For your Boss:

Home Sweet Office Needlepoint Kit by the Stranded Stitch: Because your work-a-holic boss seems to live at the office, this low-fi DIY kit says it all.

For your Colleague

PopSLATE iPhone case: Because your colleague is always running low on battery, this iPhone case features an easily customizable e-paper screen that’s always-on.

For your Client

Sense of Scandinavia candles: Because you and your clients are a perfect match, this hand-poured candle brings to light the beauty of Scandinavia through distinct scents and minimalist design.

For the Person who has everything

B&O Play Wireless Headphones: Because the hard-to-shop for love new toys, this pair of Bluetooth-enabled headphones leverages the game changing sound of Bang & Olufsen in a sleek, playful package.

For your admin

Owen & Fred Concrete Desk Accessories: Because your assistant absolutely rocks, this set of concrete desk accessories is a super-simple reminder that you appreciate all the hard work they do.

For the traveller

Flight 001 Adventure Capitalist pouch: Because even frequent fliers appreciate an upgrade, this useful pouch is a first class carryall for in-flight essentials.

For the music lover

Marshall Wireless Speaker: Because even success sounds sweeter when it’s played out of Marshall’s vintage-inspired wireless speaker – a perfect blend of past and well, present.

For the wild card

Cor Pottery Succulent: Because the best gifts come from the heart, these super-cute succulent holders are handmade in Brooklyn with love.