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[OWN] Four Women Share Their Most Loved Jewelry

Jewelry is personal. Unlike most items in your closet, it doesn’t have an expiration date or really a raison d’etre. There are forever pieces and those you love for now – and both can be equally precious. It’s choosing which — and which designers— to add to your jewel box that can become tricky. In the interest of inspiration, we asked five women with incredible personal style to share the jewelry they love most with you. Discover it here and shop it at Her STORY.

Ingrid Nilsen, YouTube sensation and style guru:  Tiffany Kunz Jewelry 

“Tiffany’s talent and vision blend seamlessly to reveal a uniquely understated jewelry aesthetic: timeless and vibrant.” 

Ann Dexter-Jones, NYC-based renaissance woman: Ann Dexter Jones Design

“My pieces tell a story that’s all about Rock n’ Roll, desire, and my personal passion to share objects of artisan crafted beauty.” 

Olivia Wilde and Barbara Burchfield, co-founders Conscious Commerce: Maiyet

“On a recent trip to Kenya, we met the artisans behind the Maiyet bangle and are proud to wear their story every day.” 

 Rachel Shechtman, founder STORY: Eye of the Sea

“I love jewelry with a rich, personal story and these beaded bracelets are designed by a woman who decided to make a big change and follow her heart – to Greece.”