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[OWN] Far from Ordinary: The Power of Japanese Craftsmanship

Determined to combine modern aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship, the next generation of Japanese designers look to old world techniques and enduring materials to create distinctive objects for everyday use. For its “Crafted for Lexus,” collection, Lexus seeks out some of Japan’s most forward thinking designers and challenges them to create a piece that epitomizes the intersection of old world and new. Creativity features exclusives from the collection as well as a few items that we believe capture the intersect. 

TEMBEA Tote: Meaning to wander in Swahili, TEMBEA creates objects that develop an individuality through daily use. The canvas bags the brand “Crafted for Lexus” is sure to do just that, durably designed of a stiff wax-coated canvas that will gradually wear and soften with use.

Morihata Binchotan Facial Soap: For years Japanese artisans have been burning branches to create Binchotan charcoal, a natural purifier. This jet black bar modernize the practice, blending the charcoal with natural extracts for next level exfoliation.

Sphelar Power Solar Flashlight: Sphelar Power creates intriguing solar powered cells. For the distictive flashlight it “Crafted for Lexus” it teamed with the artisans at Studio Graf to marry the efficiency of the cells with the beauty of craftsmanship.

ONE KILN Coffee Dripper and CupsCrafted for the perfect cup, designer Yuske Kido intersects modern production with centuries old ash from Japan’s Sakurajima volcano, spinning pieces of striking individuality.

akaihanaDESIGNDesigner Shizu Enomoto turns vintage and new Japanese fabrics into distinctive tea towels and multi purpose cloths.