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[OWN] Discovered at STORY: Original Creativity from #Pitch Night

At STORY one of our goals has always been to make it possible for creatives to share the things they create with the broader community. #PitchNight is one of the ways we do that. Started as an informal product discovery night for the local designer and maker community, it’s taken on a life of its own and now regularly sees designers from around the country fly in for the opportunity to give a 3-minute pitch to our panel. Ahead #PitchNight finds that can currently be found at Creativity STORY.

Local Lathers:

Crafted for a splash of NYC. Local Lather’s #PitchNight approved artisan soaps intersect neighborhood vibes with the holistic properties of all natural ingredients like sandalwood, coffee, and sea salt.

Makers Toolbox

Crafted for coloring outside the lines. Maker’s Toolbox founders, Mick Kelly and Sue Williams create kid friendly DIY kits that empower hands on creativity – whether rigging a drawing robot or flying your very own aeronautical vehicle.


Experience Journal

Crafted for inspired note taking. Designer Hanna Yoon envisions the Experience Journal as the ultimate creative space, filled with prompts for sparking ideas and finding the beauty in the smallest moments. 


Write Notepads & Co.:

Crafted to do the write thing. Write Notepads & Co.’s #PitchNight approved range of stationary intersects high quality, American-made papers with a mission to create change in our nation’s inner city schools.

Inspired? Join us July 9th for #PitchNight with Bezar founder Bradford Shellhammer and Surface Magazine’s Spencer Bailey.