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[OWN] Chasing Paper’s Puts Donald’s Kisses on Your Walls

Stick with what you love. That’s the motto behind Chasing Paper, the well-designed removable wallpaper brand that’s all about inspiring commitment phobic urbanites to get creative. Founder Elizabeth Rees grew up in the wallpaper industry and tells us that she launched her own line in response to countless conversations with serial movers, stylish mamas, renters, and commitment phobes who wanted a better way to decorate their space. Here Elizabeth shares prized possessions and inspiration sources. 

What’s one thing the internet doesn’t know about you/Chasing Paper? I was a journalism major in college. People often tell me how random that is since I now run a wallpaper company but I actually think it helps make Chasing Paper successful. Storytelling is part of busisness these days.
How did the collaboration with Donald come together? I met Rachel a few years back and ran into her this past winter at a #PitchNight at Makeshift society. I’ve followed Donald on Instagram and have loved watching his career skyrocket. So when I got a call from Rachel about this opportunity it felt fated.
What does it mean to you to Follow Your Art? To me it’s all about instinct. It’s about following the voice inside your head that pushes ideas forward.
What can be found on you at all times? iPhone, sunglasses, Kindle (I am a miss-my-subway-stop-reader).
What’s the last thing you took a photo of? I had to check my phone to remember! I took a photo of the beautiful wallpaper at Kin Shop last night. There’s an unbelievable amount of wallpaper in the city so I am constantly snapping away.
When’s the last time you were inspired, by what? I was in Paris last weekend with my guy and we spent most of the weekend walking around the Marais and into great coffee shops and design stores. It’s so nice to get out of the country and slow down a bit. I took a zillion photos at Merci, a great design store!
What are three suggestions for using the Chasing Paper + Donald papers to enliven a small space? You don’t have to use a ton of paper to make a big impact. Paper the inset of a door or the backside of your vanity – or even buy one panel and frame it on a crisp white wall. Although wallpaper doesn’t have to be for walls – its great on tabletops, dresser drawer fronts, or even on your refrigerator.