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[OWN] A New Lens; Sunglasses for Every Creative Type

For the those who think print matters: Shwood Paper Sunglasses

Sunglasses manufacturer Shwood is known for classic frames, crafted of unexpected materials. Adding to their signature wooden shades, its “paper” pairs are made from recycled newsprint, using a specially developed production process. Definitely worth a closer look. 

For creatives who get board easily: Modasten

Modasten crafts its one of a kind frame from recycled skateboard decks so that each is different from the next. Polarized lenses and a classic shape mean these specs will roll with whatever you throw at ’em. 

For the stylish visionary: Selima Optique: 

Optical designer Selima Salaun believes eyewear should be a reflection of your personal style – the personality you project. So she creates each of her distinctive custom frames to complement your look, often collaborating to bring a vision to life.