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[OWN] Seven Finds that are all About Y-O-U

This STORY is all about YOU. And while broadcasting your story on YouTube is one way to tell it, due to a new crop of designers who are embracing the DIY ethos, it’s now more possible than ever to wear your thoughts, mood, and inspiration on your sleeve, wrist, or feet. Co-creation, it’s the new black.

Brit + Co.: Designed to inspire you to unleash your creativity, these DIY kits give you the opportunity to craft everything from marbled jewelry holders to macrame plant hangers.

Bow and Drape: Literally, imagine all of your signature sayings as clothes and you’ve got the not so basic idea behind Bow and Drape. Shop its pre-made creations like “You Had me at Merlot” or get your wordsmith on and design your own. Fashion, it’s a personal statement.

Frends Headphones: In addition to their luxe materials and bold design, these fashion forward headphones are equipped with interchangeable caps that let you change your style to suit your outfit.

Urban Smith: This collection of handmade necklaces mixes simplicity with a side of sass, printed with custom sayings like “On Fleek.” You fancy? Have designer Molly Cruit make you a signature piece.

Beloved Shirts: For the not so subtle, these printed-all-over pieces don’t care about blending in. If you’d prefer your pizza printed sweatshirt without pepperoni, pick your piece and hit print.

Beth Macri: Jewelry designer Beth Macri creates pieces with a secret. Each of her unique “Hidden Message” necklaces is customized to reveal a message that’s known only to its wearer. Can you keep it?

Vinca: Designed for those who just can’t do boring, this line of laser cut jewelry lets you build custom necklaces – from material and font to chain length and details.