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Our New STORY is Remember When

Remember when…Life was easy like Saturday morning cartoons? When we dropped “whatever” into conversation, tried to be kind and press rewind, and saved up our allowance for our favorite Beanie Babies and pogs? Like totally, for sure, times have changed and memories get fuzzy like our favorite B.U.M. Equipment sweatshirt. So we’re dialing it back to the dial-up days and embracing ’90s nostalgia with #RememberWhenSTORY.

In celebration of Nickelodeon Animation’s 25th Birthday and their late-night programing, The Splat, we’ve teamed up to bring the ’90s back to life, back to reality August 5 – September 18. It’s a nod to the decade that brought us Rugrats, SpongeBob, Rocko’s Modern Life, and more of our favorite animated pals.

From how we played to the decade’s fashion trends to the iconic toys and snacks of Saturday mornings past, duh this decade was memorable. #RememberWhenSTORY takes visitors back through the lens of a yearbook, dividing the shop into themed clubs that highlight fan-favorite Nickelodeon shows and other elements of ’90s culture. To bring the characters to life offline, we teamed up with illustrator Charlotte Fassler to take over the STORY wall with portraits of some of our favorite cartoon friends.

The experience is centered around five clubs: HOMEROOM, where it all starts, is where you’ll find a mashup of beloved ’90s characters and inspired prints by Print All Over Me. BESTIES remembers Nickelodeon’s iconic duos (channeling CatDog). DOUBLE DARE is inspired by Nickelodeon’s game show (and all things slime), where you’ll have a chance to run the human hamster wheel. CITY KIDS features Hey Arnold!-inspired pieces that play to the home crowd, and YEARBOOKERS showcases some ’90s superlatives – from your favorite candy to must-have nostalgic pics.

Throughout these sections, we’ve teamed up with over 25 brands on rad items that celebrate the spirit of ’90s Nickelodeon. From a pair of Double Dare-inspired Keds to a stonewashed denim jacket by The Gap, to Rolex watches customized by Bamford Watch Department, to iconic ’90s lipsticks by Smashbox, to statement pieces from Rockets of Awesome, to Ren & Stimpy-inspired threads by Jeremy Scott, we’re chock-full of exclusive items that throw it back.

Feeling left out, all you West-Coasters? Take a chill pill. The #RememberWhenSTORY experience is transcending its East Coast space for the first time (!) to team up with Los Angeles-based retailer Ron Robinson and, giving consumers the opportunity to feel all the ’90s feels too. (You can read more about that here)

So get down with the get down, dial it back, and join us for an experience that promises to be too cool for school.