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Our New STORY Is…Have Fun

Check your inbox, because this month at STORY we’re sending the message that having fun is for everyone, and we’re saying it in the universal language of emojis. To make Have Fun happen, we teamed up with Pepsi as they kick off their brand-new Pepsi emoji campaign – a  sharable movement grounded in self-expression.

Curated to connect us like emojis always do, our space is saturated with colors, creativity, and customizable must-haves that elevate your ability to express yourself (or selfie). There’s a photo booth that shares your pics in print as you share them online and an interactive DIY Style Studio for designing your own graphic tee, crop top, or iPhone case from creative innovators YR Store.

You can wear independent artists on your sleeve of ink when you find incredible designs in the Tattly temporary tattoo parlor. But we have even more fun up our sleeve this spring.

Every Friday we’ll be helping you kick off your weekend with  gourmet eats, DJ beats, and craft cocktails at our Friday Happier Hours and celebrating NYCXDesign – a city-wide design fest – with a series of events designed to inspire self-expression.

Read on to discover some of the fun you’ll find in-store:

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Casetify: Pepsi Exclusive. Taking custom cases to the next level, Casetify turns your Instagram, Facebook, and personal photos into durable iPhone accessories. To support the launch of Pepsi’s Emojis, the brand has created exclusive items featuring Pepsi’s Emojis.

Eleni’s Cookies: Pepsi Exclusive. Pepsi’s new emojis come to life on an exclusive collection of cookies from legendary NYC bakery, known for its confection expressions.

Jump From Paper: Two-dimensional bags living in a three-dimensional world, these accessories look as if they’ve jumped from paper in the form of fun as functional bags.

Living Royal: Cool custom socks in all-over-prints that take an emojional “from the ground up” stance towards self-expression.

PINTRILL: Instagram-friendly pins that turn pop culture icons into wearable works of art, made in NYC.

The Stranded Stitch: Pop culture-inspired cross stitch patterns with sharp sense of humor, made in Portland.

Terez: Bold, allover printed leggings and performance active-wear for women and girls, made in NYC.