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Our Favorite Throwback Moments in #RememberWhenSTORY

It’s the start of #RememberWhenSTORY, and this week we’re singing songs that remind us of the good times as we eat (PopRocks), drink (CapriSun), play (with Nerf guns), and celebrate all things ’90s. No doubt, nostalgia is bagging another huge win with STORY moments to experience and share. Here’s a roundup of a couple of our fave throwback moments within our four walls:

Human Hamster Wheel
Locate your inner rodent and run the 1-ton Human Hamster Wheel until the lever strikes “6” (why “6?” Who knows! The ’90s were a little weird!). Beam with satisfaction knowing that you totally could have owned any physical challenge on Double Dare.

THE Podium
So what if you weren’t valedictorian (or if you’re too young to have graduated high school)? Take a moment to stand behind our perfectly replicated Double Dare podium, take rad pics in front of Nickelodeon-inspired prints, and capture the general awesomeness of reconnecting with your pals from the Class of ’91.

Feeling all the feels with our ’90s nostalgia? Take a chill pill! There’s way more #RememberWhenSTORY moments to follow. Stay up on our DL @thisisstory