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Prinkshop’s Founder Is Making a Mission Statement One Tee at a Time

Have issues? Enter Prinkshop, the Brooklyn born brand that tackles the toughest social conversations one tee-shirt and tote bag at a time. Founded by Pamela Bell, the range took root as a means to make activism accessible and give everyone a simple way to show up (and raise funds) for the causes they care about. New favorites like “New York Woman” and “I Am Not Perfect” support non-profits like Lady Parts Justice and the Crisis Text Line respectively. Here she shares how she keeps it original by inspiring us all to take ownership of our future…

What does the word original mean to you? 


What are three things that make Prinkshop Original? 

Ideas, Design, Business Model. The triangle we create between social impact fashion, a supply chain that is also cause-centric, and the give-back model. We make it meaningful from start to finish.

Creativity is a grind, how do you keep things original?

I am obsessed with design and never stop creating.

Original piece of advice for creatives….

If it comes from your soul, it will inspire others.