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On The Nice List: Talking Self-Care & Life’s Luxuries with Sunday Forever


Sunday Forever founder Ashli Stockton appreciates life’s luxuries, self-care and lazy weekends. But did you also know that the designer-entrepreneur and “self-taught leisure enthusiast” is handy with a power tool? We didn’t either. Read on for Ashli’s picks for the perfect present, where she gets Insta-inspo and what she’s grateful for this holiday season.

In 15 words or less, what makes your brand a great gift? We offer perfectly packaged good vibe gifts and nice things. Born in NYC. Made in the USA.

What’s one product are you featuring in STORY that our community should look for + what makes it special? Our best selling 11:11 candle, smells luxurious and also nods to the inherent meaning of 11 being the master number in numerology.

Last person who inspired you on Instagram? @DirtyBoysGetsClean

What is a fun fact we can’t find out about you on the internet? That I like to collect power tools and am a bit of a handywoman.

What are three things about your brand/business you want our community to know? We believe everyone deserves Nice Things. We value our customers more than anything. Every single product you received has been touched by us. For example all of our bracelets are handmade by our tiny team here in NYC!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? My 2 dogs Ted & Wyatt who provide endless love, entertainment and support!

Where’s your go-to spot in New York for a great holiday cocktail + what do you love about it? Dear Irving! It’s cozy, the decor is magical, you push a button to order cocktails and they make perfect slightly dirty extra cold vodka martini with 3 olives.

Who are you toasting to this holiday season? To my husband and small but mighty team who make all of this possible!