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OMG! WENDYB Jewelry Is Hashtag Amazing

Back in the pre-historic era (like when T-9 was a thing) we actually had to use words to communicate. Today, an emoji says a thousand words. So consider, FGI Rising Star award winning designer Wendy Brandes‘ collection of cyber-symbolic jewelry a modern day lexicon of self-expression. As bold or bad a** as you want it to be, pieces playfully riff on pop culture – from emoji-inspired studs to a #LOL statement rings.

WENDYB by Wendy Brandes line has over 150 styles and just keeps growing. I encourage women to say what they want and wear what they want,” Wendy says. Pieces, crafted of sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver can even be stacked or worn collaboratively to create custom statements.

The text message: YOLO, buy the jewelry.

Collection is available through STYLETECH, with gold-plated designs exclusive to STORY.