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Office Crush: BLU DOT

Blu Dot is on a mission to bring good design to the masses. While the company started in a Minneapolis studio, their modern furniture can now be found across the U.S–– and in our Work/Space STORY.

Thanks to their amazing vision, Blu Dot furnished the space with an impressive variety of pieces. In other words, they went buckwild in a great way.

We talked to Maurice Blanks, the co-founder of Blu Dot, about why the company was inspired to tackle this project with us. “As offices are designed and furnished to feel more and more residential–– and we’re all working anywhere, anytime–– the idea of the workplace is totally in flux,” he shared.“At Blu Dot, we think a lot about how we can design for this new normal.”

Fun fact: when the team at Blu Dot designs a new piece, their process always starts with an analysis of a simple problem that exists in the home. Next, they put together a “design brief,” AKA their assignment, so that the entire team understands that what and why of the project.

Because they’re constantly innovating like nobody’s business, Blu Dot has received numerous awards for their product design. In 2002, the company was even a contender in the Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards… and the finalists were honored at the White House. No big deal.

Blu Dot’s work isn’t just found in stores–– it’s also in galleries. Their furniture has been exhibited at MoMA and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. If Blu Dot was a high school student, they’d win ‘most likely to succeed’… and ‘best dressed.’ Yeah, we’d be jealous.