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Nutritionist Alice Foster Swears There’s Not a Food “VIP” List You Don’t Know About

You’ve heard it. We’ve all heard it: Super foods. It seems like every other day a new buzzy ingredient is vying to throw our diet’s out of whack. Nutritionist and Coach by Cigna contributor, Alice Foster says to stop having super food FOMO because there’s no magic “VIP” list of foods that will fix things, if everything else is out of whack. Here she shares what’s in her refrigerator and why a Pink Lady Apple a day keeps her feeling good.

As a nutritionist you know better than most that it’s not easy to adopt a healthful diets, what are some of the mistakes you see?  

  • More is not always better. We have to eat  in moderation, even the good stuff. Good nutrition is all about BALANCE.
  • Supplements do not equal healthy. Our bodies want FOOD. With the exception of special populations, our bodies get what they need through a healthy diet.
  • Nothing happens overnight. Healthy diet changes need time to show effects. Your cholesterol, blood pressure or weight may not make significant improvement in a week or even a month. Be patient, stick with the it and reap the long term results.

What items can always be found in your refrigerator? Why?

  • Organic Pink Lady apples! I LOVE them and because I eat them so frequently I go organic to minimize my ingestion of pesticides and herbicides.
  • Organic skim milk: I choose organic to reduce my family’s exposure to certain hormones and medications used in commercial cattle populations, I choose fat-free to reduce my intake of saturated fat since my family is predisposed to heart disease and milk is a versatile ingredient I use in my morning cereal, in baking, cooking or to enjoy a cold glass at night with my favorite dark chocolate.
  • A variety of lettuce and/or greens. No matter how rushed dinner time is, if we’re cooking from scratch or ordering in, I always have makings for a big salad. I live by the idea that half my meal should be veggies, this is an easy way to make it happen.

Are there any diet focused apps or innovations that you are a fan of? Why?

Tracking your food intake isn’t for everyone but if you’re going to do it, I love apps that can scan bar codes and input the nutrition info into your online food diary. The apple watch app and the app for My Fitness Pal are a couple of examples. The easier it is to track intake, the more likely you are to stick with it.

Come the New Year, everyone makes plans to go on a “diet” but rarely sticks with it what are three tips for sticking with it?

  • Choose one thing to start with. When you try to alter your entire lifestyle overnight it’s too hard to maintain. Make it realistic by making small adjustments over time.
  • Tell others your plan. It’s very powerful when you have to say it out loud, it makes it more real. In addition, you’ll have others rooting for you if they know what you’re reaching for and you’ll also be more motivated to progress when eyes are watching.
  • Choose something you want to do. If you don’t feel a desire to make the change you not going to have the drive to keep it up. Don’t let others tell you where to start, find your own inspiration.

On Tuesday we’ll talk about how food can heal the body, what are a few foods with super powers? 

There is not a VIP list of “magic” foods. The symphony of real food is what makes our body feel top notch. Important components of a healthy diet that are often overlooked include:

  • Water. If you think it’s too boring kick it up a notch with some fresh citrus slices or a carbonated version like club soda.
  • Fiber. Get it from a variety of sources such as pears, whole grains or spinach.
  • Heart Healthy fat. Fat’s not bad, just make sure most of it is coming from good sources like olive oil, tuna, avocados, and almonds.

Have questions? Ask Alice tonight at STORY from 6-8pm (RSVP here)!