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Next Generation Gadgets For Connected Kiddos

It’s possible your 2-year old knows how to use “YouTube” better than you. Like it or not, kids are more digitally connected than ever with a growing category of devices designed to cater exclusively to the littlest users. The jury is out on what all that screen time will mean but one thing is certain, technology is opening up new ways for kids of all ages to learn, share experiences, communicate, and even be active. Examples? Here’s 3 kid-centric products- from activity trackers to digital mailman – that are rethinking how our kids will play on.

Toymail: What if technology could engage kids without a screen? That’s the question MIT Media lab grad, Gauri Nanda set out to address with Toymail, a digitally-enabled (and decidedly cute) voice message recorder. Each Toymail “Mailman” is designed to connect to your WiFI network (via app) and can then be used to record and send messages to an iOS or Android device. Kids use their toys to record and reply to messages in real-time that you’ll receive on your phone. You’ve got Toymail.

Ibitz: Kid spending more time playing online than offline? Ibitz, a kid-centric fitness tracker, want to help change this by tapping into technology as a way to encourage kids to move more. Like most wireless pedometers, it uses Bluetooth LE technology to monitor steps loads data to an iOS device. But unlike the grown-up versions, it works with a special reward platform app that can be loaded with incentives (including points on Disney Club Penguin.) Ready, set, go kiddo.

Lil Gadgets: Cords and kids rarely agree. Rather than continue to deal with a tangled mess, parents and co-founders of Lil Gadgets created a kid-friendly solution – wireless headphones. The Bluetooth-enabled head phones come in a range of bright colors and feature a 10 hour battery life (long car rides) and SoftTouch breathable mesh ear covers. Maybe now you can get your little one to listen to you.