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NEW YORK: The Metro Map Cuff Elevating the Underground to High Fashion

Designhype has encapsulated a distinctly New York experience.

The light glows at the end of the tunnel as the train approaches, and its echoing rumble mixes with the music of a nearby street performer. Whether you’re a native New Yorker or an adventurous urban explorer, it’s a moment that brings all types of travelers together.

Now your look can embody that moment, and it can come in useful when it comes to finding your way. Designhype is a creative studio of women travelers with a passion for design, and they’ve crafted a cuff that has us hyped.

The NYC and Brooklyn Metro Cuffs are glimmering stainless-steel statements for anyone who wants to wear an iconically New York design on their sleeve, but they’re also more than that. They’re functional MTA-approved maps that can be used to navigate Manhattan and Brooklyn’s Metro. No more fumbling with your phone, unfolding an embarrassing map, or leaning over an irritated subway patron to find the right stop. That all stops here with a fashion-forward favorite for finding your way – Wherever you want to go in this sensational city.