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NEW YORK: Opening Weekend of Disrupt STORY

Your weekend has been hacked. Disrupt STORY is officially open and yours for the action taking, whether you’re the first hacker to crack the code on our Evil Corp ATM or switching into two player mode at our in-store Polycade. Ahead four things you need to know before you visit…

Who is Mr. Robot? USA’s gritty hacker drama serves as the force driving the Disrupt STORY experience, informing everything from an in-store fsociety arcade to an exclusive collaboration with JackThreads. Course, we can’t reveal Mr. Robot’s identity, but we can tell you that you’ll get a peek behind the scenes at Season 2.0 before its return on July 13th.

Crack the Code: Want to take back your power from the 1% of the 1%? Get your hack on at the Evil Corp ATM, where a successful code break will yield a cash pay out.

Game On: Coney Island comes to Chelsea at our working arcade which pits old-school favorites like Frogger and PAC-MAN against the shiny new kid on the block: Polycade‘s wall-mounted arcade system.

Art Attacks: STORY in collaboration with digital design platform, Print All Over Me has turned original artwork from Mr. Robot actress Carly Chaikin into a limited-edition capsule.