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New Ideas On Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is at the forefront of every dinner conversation, every fashion blog and every school board discussion as a critical topic to leading a more balanced and long-living life. Get the scoop on wholesome foods at our upcoming panel talk, Fresh & Forward Thinking: New Ideas On What Healthy Eating Really Is, led by Well+Good editor Emily Laurence. She’ll be joined by a spicy group of wellness experts with diverse backgrounds, from artists to internists.

Like free-thinking artist Julia Sherman, whose passion for produce-based concoctions led her to create Salad for President, a beautiful blog teeming with recipes from similarly enthusiastic painters, musicians, designers and architects. In 2014 Julia gave her love of salads a large-scale spin by planting more than 50 varieties of heirloom herbs and vegetables on the MoMA PS1 rooftop. In the intro to her new hard-bound cookbook, Salad for President, Julia tosses in a helpful insight in saying, “We are all creative. You don’t need to study art history or Mastering the Art of French Cooking to express yourself. But I encourage you to cook and think like an artist: to steal ideas, break rules, and find something spectacular in the everyday.”

A holistic nutritionist, plant-based cook and the NYC blogger behind Clean Food Dirty City, multi-faceted wellness expert Lily Kunin will weigh-in with tips on how to lead a fully integrated healthy lifestyle. Her bounty of knowledge can also be found in her new book, Good Clean Food. There, she chronicles ways in which to create everything from nutritious comfort meals—like spaghetti squash and mushroom meatballs—to all-natural beauty masks. Her pared-back approach has earned this chef compliments from both Dan Barber and Bobbi Brown!

Dr. Etti Ben-Zion, partner and menu creator of the “good mood” food at Miami’s cult-loved organic cafe Dr. Smood’s, will dish on how to successfully—and healthily—detox. The trained psychotherapist and juicing expert understands more than anyone how deprivation turns our brains to mush, and is therefore against diets but in favor of leading a clean and pure lifestyle by eliminating excess. She starts at the molecular level but follows a spiritual approach that will renew you—mind, body and spirit. (Now we know why she seems impossible of aging!)

Dr. Vincent Pedre, an internal medicine specialist at Mount Sinai, will get down to the core of what inflames our innards. The Happy Gut author tackles turbulent tummies (and more) using both Western techniques and Eastern traditions, which means medical tests are just as important as meditative yoga when it comes to preventing and curing chronic ailments. Because as he points out, “people and problems are complex systems.” Touché!

(Illustration by Joana Avillez from Julia Sherman’s cookbook, Salad for President)