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A New Chapter With Samantha Hahn

Dear Samantha Hahn,

You’ve been our partner in paint for years. Weaving your vibrant watercolor work into many of our stories has been a labor of love, and we had to celebrate the many memorable moments in our space that have been brushed with your brilliant style. From the portraits of AwesomenessTV’s top creators in Your STORY to the female role models you rendered with respect for F-Word STORY, your art occupies a permanent place in our hearts.

For our retrospective Love STORY, we knew we had to open up another chapter in your multi-faceted relationship with our space. Since your three books – Well-Read Women, Fashion Lookbook, and A Mother is A Story – elevate and celebrate different aspects of femininity with hypnotic detail, we’re bringing them back to the STORY that wasn’t afraid to say it. Page after page, each is an exploration of color and creativity beyond compare. Your talent makes every STORY we spend together feel like a brush with greatness.