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LA Favorite Moon Juice Brings Its Otherworldly Flavors to Feel Good STORY!

Seeded in Venice, California in 2011—Moon Juice is the bliss-oriented brainchild of Amanda Chantal Bacon. Part juice shop, part resource for the activated lifestyle, the brand is grounded in the belief that real food can unlock a truer, more inspired relationship among the mind, body, and spirit. Given this feel good-focused approach, Feel Good STORY highlights a sample of the brand’s adaptogenic potions and high-powered snacks – all aimed at forging inner and outer radiance.

Here’s what’s in-store:

Rainbow Juice and Sed Crisps
Made with activated seeds and Moon Juices in three flavors these brightly colored chips are designed to help energize and soothe the body, providing a dose of sustainable energy for mental and physical vitality.

Brain Dust
Alchemized with Astragalus, Lion’s Mane, Shilajit, Maca, Rhodiola, Stevia, and Gingko—herbs used traditionally by great thinkers and meditators—this elixir maintains superior states of cognitive flow, clarity, memory, creativity, alertness, and the capacity to handle stress.

Goodnight Dust
Activated with Chamomile, Zizyphus, Polygala, Schisandra, and Stevia to groove with inherent nocturnal rhythms—this natural nightcap gently generates a state of deep, sound slumber in which all systems are provided a sense of soothing support and emotional calm.

Activated Tumeric, Coconut and Lime Pepitas
Plant the seed. These activated pumpkin seeds and coconut meat are marinated in turmeric, lime, and chile for a gut-boosting, inflammation-fighting snack .