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Get to Know: How Model Frederique van der Wal Makes Business Bloom

After playing muse to fashion designers in the 80’s and 90’s, super model Frederique’s van der Wal discovered inspiration in the flower fields of her native Holland. Flowers, she realized, held the power to engage the senses and effect on how we feel – so she set out to make beautiful, artisan bouquets accessible with Frederique’s Choicea fresh take on floral delivery. In time for Valentine’s Day van der Wal shares why she believes everyone should always have a bouquet at home and the secret the Internet doesn’t know about her.

What’s the story behind Frederique’s Choice Flowers? How did it all get started?

I was born in Holland. I won an Elite Modeling contract and came to America to pursue my career in fashion. In recognition of my career and work in fashion and beauty, the Dutch Government bestowed a great honor to me and named a flower after me. It was then that the seed started to bloom. The flower was a lily and I had a choice of which lily to choose from; albeit the name, Frederique’s Choice Flowers have always played a big role in my life not only as an inspiration but a wonderful memory to my homeland, Holland. Also, it brings my house to life to have fresh flowers around.

Talk about feel good. 

When I made a documentary for Discovery on how flowers come to us I realized that combining my love for flowers, my Dutch heritage and my career in fashion would blend nicely into my own lifestyle brand. So I created, Frederique’s Choice, an E commerce and content brand centered on flowers.

You’re the expert, so tell us: What are a few tips for choosing flowers for VDay?

It’s so important to look at the overall experience.   So not only a beautiful bouquet or flower but also the presentation, the packaging and how you give flowers and to whom. Flowers are wonderful to celebrate an occasion but they are just as important to surround yourself with flowers on a regular basis.

So we shouldn’t just stick to special occasions? 

No. I think it’s one of the most wonderful things in life to give or receive flowers at any time.

What does the phrase ‘feel good’ mean to you?

To me, “feel good” means surrounding myself with friends, laughter and nature. In whatever way! “Feel good,” means a good balance in my life. Healthy yet fun. I have worked hard and taken risks and even at times I am scared but it feels good to take risks in something you believe in. My tagline is life in full bloom and that’s what I really try to do.

What’s one thing the internet doesn’t know about you?

I’m an adventurer; I climbed Everest, swam with Humpback whales and have completed scuba dives among great white sharks.

Wow! That’s incredible. Can you share a piece of advice to inspire our followers to feel good this Vday?

No matter what day it is I think it’s so important to appreciate the people around you. The people you love and the people you admire.  Making a gesture should be part of everyday life.  Positive energy is what we all need.

This weekend, make love blossom with a beautiful artisan bouquet or choose from an assortment of roses from Frederique’s Choice – pick yours up at STORY Saturday and Sunday from 12-4 pm.