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Ministry of Supply Connects Tech and Tailoring

Somewhere along the way, the majority of us accepted sweat stains as an unattractive yet unavoidable fact of city life. The founders of Ministry of Supply, a group of MIT alumni – believed it was a problem that needed addressing (and not by the dry cleaner.)

Drawing on diverse backgrounds in scientific research and engineering (and with the support of Kickstarter,) they created a model that applied the best practices of the tech sector – research, rapid prototyping, and testing –  to the world of menswear. The result: a minimalist collection that takes advantage of advanced fabrics like “Phase change” materials used in NASA spacesuits to regulate temperature.

Take the signature Apollo dress shirt. Equipped with temperature regulation and a special moisture wicking polyester fabric, its unique knit allows moisture to move away from your body. Add to that a tailored design that actually moves with your body thanks to the reactive Apollo fabric – a 4-way stretch material that stays in place when strained.

Getting dressed, it’s no sweat.