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Mimo Baby Helps New Parents Sleep A Little Easier

Things to expect when you’re expecting: lack of sleep due to a constant worry about your little one (especially when the lights go out.) Rather than accept new parent panic as a given, the team behind the Mimo Baby, a connected baby monitor saw the potential of technology to provide peace of mind through real-time monitoring and data collection.

The #InsideSTORY is that the device enables real-time audio and insights about your baby’s sleep patterns through respiration sensors pressed on top of a baby onesie. Information is then sent via Bluetooth to a Lilypad, which relays data -sleeping and breathing patterns – and live audio through the cloud to your connected device. Mimo will even alert you if anything changes that could be concerning.

As co-founder Dulcie Madden explains, “We realized there were a lot of parents who wanted more from their baby monitor: accessibility, interactivity, and ability to get insights about breathing and sleeping patterns. So Mimo was born and we haven’t looked back.” And this is just the start. Dulcie says future launches ( early 2015) will include a smart baby bottle warmer that automatically warms a bottle when the baby wakes up and provide insights into feeding patterns.

Because having a little one is hard, this StyleTech story is about enabling technology to make it a little easier.