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Meet Quirky's Coolest Inventor

Where do you keep your ideas?, the inventor behind Quirky’s smart A/C says he kept his in a shoe box. “I did not have the funding to move forward.” But after reaching a breaking point with his dysfunctional air conditioner, he decided to take one of his coolest ideas out of the box and submit it to Quirky.

“The genesis for this idea started as I was driving through Washington and noticed each apartment had a window air conditioner. I started thinking, they’re probably wasting a lot of energy.” So Garthen sketched a plan for a smarter unit that could learn from usage patterns, location, and budget in order to maximize savings and maintain an ideal temperature.

From there the GE and the Quirky community got to work shaping the product  – from its smartphone integration to innovative, upward airflow design. Within a matter of months, Garthen was introduced to the finished product -Aros. “In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would be looking at a finished product. I’ve always been a creative person but I don’t think I would ever call myself an inventor – until today.”

So where’s your idea? Whether its in a shoe box or an inbox, the fist step to becoming the next Quirky inventor is sharing it. To get you started, a Quirky illustrator will be at STORY Saturday August 16 live sketching ideas and helping you upload them to