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Meet Elvie, a New Type of Connected Tech For Women By Women

Female problems? They make for some pretty fantastic female-powered solutions that are finally addressing some of the issues women face. Elvie, one of the first wearable tech devices designed for and used by women is helping to shift the conversation around women’s health by unlocking the power of the pelvic floor. Here founder @taniabeeb shares what drives her and keeps her inspired to give women inner strength.

Elvie is making waves as one of the first devices to specifically – and intelligently – address women. How did you get started? 

My passion is women’s health, and I’ve often worked on women’s issues that are not talked about as openly as they need to be. Four years ago I became a mother for the first time, despite being a women’s health expert, I was surprised by how many changes my body underwent. I’d never heard about pelvic floor muscles and how important they are to look after – I was shocked to find out that 1 in 3 women have a pelvic floor issues!  I realized then that there was right there a very large uncharted territory in women’s health, and a quite neglected areas actually, that needed to be addressed and discussed.

So Elvie is really all about what women want – and need. 

Women’s insights were at the center of our approach from day one.  We used their feedback before launch while developing Elvie and still continue to do so to improve its experience for them. We listen to every woman’s comments that come to us. So send us your thoughts on how to make Elvie better for you. This approach will be essential to our future solutions as well so women do tell us what you wish technology could do for you!

So cool. Do you think Elvie is part of a conversation shift around the topic of women’s health? 

For too long women’s health has been ignored by media and is avoided in conversation but 2016 is the year we take back what it means to be a woman and start to be honest about our bodies. We are bringing about gender equality by changing the way technology is designed for and used by women. We are shining a light on the issues that women face in silence. We are providing the tools to make lives better for women on a grand scale.

Awesome. That’s a great intro for the question of how you define feminism? 

I had to take it on because for me ‘Feminism’ means loving yourself and learning your whole body, encouraging women (and men) to seek advice and have a frank conversation plus take action about things that are absolutely normal part of our lives. Like their pelvic floor… at the end of the day, pelvic floor muscle fitness is the ultimate women’s issue, not just a niche health or sex topic! It’s the part of our body that makes us women and we should all be looking after it.

Aside from looking after your bodies, can you share a piece of advice with our followers? 

Don’t worry what people say about you.  Girls are often brought up to please those around them and nurturing characteristics are encouraged from an early age. This isn’t intrinsically bad or anything but in business, there will be many times when it is better to focus too much effort on what people are might or might not be saying about you.