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MAKING THINGS: iStrategy Labs’ Built an ATM You Can Hack

iStrategy Labs is an innovative agency with a disruptive comprehension of how to unite the online and offline worlds. Whether building out of pixels and code or real-world materials, the creative collective helmed by Peter Corbett seeks out new challenges and generates unprecedented experiences. They were ideal collaborators for Disrupt STORY and USA’s Mr. Robot, and the Evil Corp ATM that stands in-store is a testament to that combined vision.

In the world of Mr. Robot, Evil Corp is a multinational conglomerate that holds the world economy hostage. Fight or flight? As the plot goes, the hackers of fsociety are bent on undermining Evil Corp’s hold and giving the 99% back their power. At iStrategy Labs‘ Evil Corp ATM in Disrupt STORY, you can join the mission:

  • Prompted by a video screen that displays fsociety iconography, users quickly learn that the Evil Corp ATM has been hacked. When prompted for a code, they wonder what’s next.
  • By using a little problem solving and observant awareness (traits shared by Mr. Robot’s protagonist, Elliot Alderson) they can discover the four-digit code that prompts the ATM to feed. We’re not going to tell you how, here. No spoilers.
  • Successful players receive a friendly message from fsociety – “Thanks for Playing. F*** the system.” – but that’s only part of the reward. This ATM dispenses real cash, in varying amounts, to those who prove they’re 1 of us.