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MAKING THINGS: How Voltaic Systems Powers Off-the-Grid Adventures

A life of adventure is one of many disruptions: from course to creativity, from on the grid to off the grid. Voltaic Systems created a sustainable solution to finding yourself out and about without an outlet.

Who: Voltaic Systems, a Brooklyn-based portable power company founded by Shayne McQuade.

Makes: Rugged and easy-to-use Solar-powered device chargers embedded in the gear that gets you everywhere.

Method: Voltaic Systems prioritizes conservation across its products’ life cycles. They identify environmentally preferable materials, make products modular for easier repair to reduce waste, find the longest-lasting solar panels, carefully eliminate unnecessary packaging, and re-use as much as possible throughout the manufacturing process.

What makes it unique? The compact and powerful Amp Solar Charger has four times the power and twice the battery storage of most solar chargers on the market, and it fits easily into most bags. The Converter Backpack has a padded laptop sleeve and sizable front pocket, as well as a 3.5 Watt solar-powered charger that will quickly charge your handheld devices without tying you down with wires.