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MAKING THINGS: BrandNewNoise Made a Toy for Technical Talkers

Makers are a movement that drives disruption, and we’re always delighted when we make a new discovery. Read on to get the download on a #PitchNight alum who made his voice (and many others) heard.

Maker: Richard Upchurch

While visiting family in Mississippi in 2010, Richard was sitting in the living room with his nieces and nephew, playing in a room of toys. It seemed that all the toys were plastic and had, for lack of a better word, “lame” prerecorded sounds. Richard thought it would be fun to build a device to explore your own voice and something that wasn’t made of plastic.


Makes: Handcrafted gadgets for anyone aiming to explore their creativity with sound –  kids, musicians, creatives, and more.

Method: Using American-sourced sustainable wood in their Brooklyn workshop, brandnewnoise crafts every piece by hand with a small team of dedicated artisans. Of the less than ten people who make every brandnewnoise recorder, more than half are interns from Good Shepherd Services and Exalt Youth, both of which serve at-risk inner city students aged 15-19.

Must-have Because: The Lil’ Mib (which stands for Message In a Box) is a voice recorder with several lovable little affectations. From its old-school mailbox red indicator flag to the pitch-control knobs adorned with hearts, it’s a box of love that says exactly what you want it to say.

Find out more about this maker by following @brandnewnoise