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[MAKE] Get Lucky with Mason Shaker’s Patty’s Day Cocktail

In the interest of getting you into the St. Patty’s day spirit, we checked out what was shaking with W&P Design, the mixologists and makers behind the Mason Shaker. For one: Infuse, a beautiful new book of recipes – both alcoholic and non. And perhaps more importantly, the Whiskey Ginger Tonic, a seasonally inspired sip that’s a heck of a lot more stylish than green beer. Lucky you.

Whiskey Ginger Tonic
makes two cocktails
1) Add ginger and two slices of lime to the Mason Shaker. Muddle until fragrant.
2) Add whiskey, port and lime juice to the shaker. Add ice to above the level of the liquid. Shake for 5 seconds.
3) Strain into two Collins glasses filled with ice. Top with tonic, and garnish with remaining limes.