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Make It Happen: Journals for Your Biggest Dreams

We know our fans. You’re forward-thinkers who have a ton of ideas–– and you need somewhere to put them. But no plain ol’ notebook will do. You want something that will fuel your passion, inspire new ideas, and is fun to use. (Bonus points if it looks good with your outfit.)

Our Work/Space STORY has introduced us to a ton of amazing journals that are worthy of your goals. In no particular order, here they are:

From Sketchbook to Screen


This might sound crazy, but this is the only notebook that you’ll need for the rest of your life. Why? Because it’s endlessly reusable! If you write in a Rocketbook with a Pilot Frixion pen, you can wipe the page with a moist towel to erase everything. Plus, it’s connected to the cloud–– which means you can instantly bring your handwritten notes online in an instant. Never lose your ideas again!

Go From Experience To Insight

Experience Journal

Ever wish for a dream journal for designers? Well, consider it granted! This product will banish your blank page anxiety and give you a framework for ideation. As you move through the pages, you’ll be guided with prompts to describe your observations–– and then a dot grid for your creative thoughts to flow freely.

Full disclosure: Experience Journal has a special place in our heart because they’re a Pitch Night alum!

Guide Your Personal Process


This notebook is a triple threat: a place to braindump all your wild ideas, incubate the ones that feel the most promising, and develop an idea into a fully-formed concept.

If HATCH was a person, it’d be your friend who’s insanely creative, organized, and somehow has the follow-through to get things done. You might be thinking, “Why do those people exist?! It’s no fair.” Well, with the help of HATCH, that person will be you.

Mind. Blown.

Make Daily Life Meaningful

The Learner

The team behind this notebook feels that “the mind we cultivate is our greatest asset.” Yep, that’s a truth bomb right there.

The Learner encourages a growth mindset by giving people the space to practice self-reflective thinking on a daily basis. Prompts encourage users to think about what they saw, heard, read, and discovered–– and then think about the meaning of their experiences. Not to compare… but this kind of knocks blank pages out of the park.