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[MAKE] A Fresh Picked Bouquet with Petal by Pedal

Your last “handpicked” floral arrangement was the one you picked out online. And it left a little something to be desired. Enter Petal by Pedal, a local floral delivery service known for incorporating fresh, locally sourced blooms into organic arrangements. Saturday and Sunday from 12-4pm, founder Kate Gilman joins us to craft rustic bouquets on-site. Read on for tips to arranging a mom-worthy bouquet.
  • Flower selection: Great ingredients make all the difference — with local New York grown blooms, these fresh rustic bouquets last longer and change with the seasons. Just like Mother Nature intended.
  • Putting it together: When arranging, us stronger stems like sunflowers and roses to prop up weaker stems. Scatter the strong stems in the bouquet and then use the weaker stems to fill in holed. Go for balance not perfection!
  • Ta-Da! Petal by Pedal has a thing for mason jars but the use of non-traditional glass items (mugs, wine bottles) is a great way to show off your creative blooms and make the arrangement personal!