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Love: Simon Alcantara + Armand Diradourian

Your closet called, it’s getting tired of the way things have been going. See also: the thrill is gone. Thankfully, there’s a super simple way to spice things up and rekindle the romance you once had with color and texture. The first step is to get over your hang-ups and give into your want for something that will hold your interest, like a one-of-a-kind piece from jewelry designer Simon Alcantara or cashmere maker Armand Diradourian.

Lush and vibrant, these makers are known for statement extras that blend a distinct point of view with attention to materials. Simon’s hand-crafted necklaces feature an ornate blend of natural materials; including precious and semi–precious stones, bone, and leather. While Armand Diradourian’s cashmere is known for its combination of old world techniques and contemporary design.

Because from time to time even your closest relationships require a bit of good old fashioned retail therapy.