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LOVE: Why our Urbanears Go Everywhere We Do

Dear Urbanears,

If we wrote you a love song, it would have to be a long one, as our relationship has spanned many successful concepts. The tune would be passionate, because you have a passion for creating headphones with an understanding of how people really use and wear them, and that shows us how much you care. In our love song to you, the tempo would be fast-paced, because you design your headphones’ durable ergonomic forms with built-in microphones and remotes to keep up with the demands of our active lifestyles. In our Urbanears love song, the lyrics would wax poetic about the share-able genius that is the Zoundplug, your 40mm handmade drivers, and your tangle-resistant woven cord. If we wrote you a love song, there’s nobody we’d rather be listening with than you, Urbanears – but that’s true for every song.


With just a couple of tweets at our Social Vending Machine at #DisruptSTORY, you have a chance to score a complimentary pair of Urbanears Plattan Plus headphones. Rock on!