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LOVE: The Pocket Monkey is the Perfect Fathers’ Day Find

Dear Zootility Tools,

We’ve known each other for a while, so you know how we feel. Your Pocket Monkey’s astounding 12-in-1 functionality wowed us at first sight, and for the last two years’ of Home for the Holidays STORY. It’s impossible to stay away for too long, since the Pocket Monkey makes such the perfect gift for Dads, or really anyone who spends the everyday getting things done. You may only be the size of a credit card, fitting easily into any wallet or pocket, but you occupy a toolbox-sized spot in our hearts. Whether working, measuring, or repairing – you’ll always be our good friend and go-to.


The exclusive F-Society bottle opener you created for #DisruptSTORY is such a delightful gesture of collaboration. Cheers to you for being great!